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Laneige Makeup Serum Honest Review – Do you Really Need It?


I have been using the Laneige Makeup serum for a month or so now and so far have been loving it. But in this post I wanted to see what is the difference if you use compared to not using it. So, I have two makeup looks with the same products but in one I am using the serum and in another one I am not. 

I think this is the best way to actually see whether this serum makes a difference at all or not. 

If you are reading this post, you must be curious what makeup serums are or in general whether serums make a difference to your skin. 

If you want to know more details on how you should incorporate serums in your everyday skin care routine, checkout the post below where I share how you can do it. 

What does Laneige Makeup Serum Claims?

The serum sounded really promising when I was browsing through makeup primers at Sephora. Using a primer on your skin makes your makeup last longer, also helps with uniform makeup application. 

That is exactly what the Laneige Glowy makeup serum claims to provide. 

I actually love Laneige as a brand. I use there lip mask which is magic for my lips. They always stay hydrate and soft. So, when I saw this serum I really wanted to try it out specially when we are so close to summer when my skin becomes way oiler. 

And with oily skin, wearing makeup is always a challenge. Your makeup will probably bleed or even not look smooth. 

Here are a few things that the serum claims;

  1. Hydrating
  2. Radiant Finish
  3. Long Wear

The serum also claims that it is great for oily to combination skin. 

Makeup Look Without the Serum

Since I have been using this serum for a month or probably more now, I decided to skip it and apply my makeup to see how the makeup would look like and to se what are the results after the end of the day would be.

The Look

Even after using my daily serums among which I have a hydrating serum and also using moisturizer, I noticed that without the makeup serum, my whole makeup application looks matte. Though I actually prefer that because I know in an hour or so my face will look oily and all my makeup will get shiny. 

I am using a cream foundation which is more forgiving compared to the regular liquid foundation. 

En of the Day Result

If you see up close, you will notice that I do have open pores and they are kind of visible at the end of the day because of the oil secretion and my face looking oily. I definitely see my makeup getting really shiny. And I will often get most of it on my hands or on my clothes. 

This is probably expected, but my face looking way shinier which results in the makeup almost coming out, does not feel all that great. 

Makeup Look With the Serum

I have been regularly using this serum and if you scroll further you will see how I use it in my daily makeup routine. 

The Look

My skin does not feel as matte as it was without using the serum. There is a glow that I m seeing which I did not notice when I did not use this serum. So, I can confirm that it delivers on the radiant finish. 

But my makeup is not looking oily which sometimes if you use some glow oil or spray does. 

Moreover, my skin appears to look smoother in the makeup look compared to the one where I did not apply the serum. 

En of the Day Result

I had to run some errands that day, so I also wore my mask for a few hours. But despite that my makeup does not seem to have come off around my mouth area, which normally happens.

If you see my forehead and my nose area, you will also notice there is not much shine which I usually would have expected by now. This gets enhanced if I am out in the sun on a hot day. 

Also, my pores are not that visible as it was when I did not use the serum. And that day I actually was just working from home.

Side by Side Comparison

If you comparing both the makeup looks, you can clearly tell that the one where I wasn’t using the serum, my makeup looked more matte compared to where I did. 

Moreover I felt like the foundation enhanced my pores when I wasn’t using the serum. 

This might be different if you are using a full coverage foundation. In my case I am using a normal cream foundation. 

No Laneige

With Laneige

I am sharing a side by side comparison of both where yo can clearly see that after the end of the day my skin looked shinier when I was not using the serum compared to when I did. 

No Laneige

With Laneige

The Result

The serum is priced for $32 which is not as expensive compared to a lot of serums in the market. And since I only use a drop or two depending on my skin condition, I don’t think so I am going to run out of it in a few months. 

The glow makeup serum definitely delivers on the two claims that it makes which are the radiant finished look after the full makeup application and the makeup lasting longer. 

But I honestly did not see a difference in my skin hydration even after a month. This might also be because, my skin in general is not dry and I already use serums to supplement it. 

Price: $32

How to Use the Makeup Serum

Step 1

I complete my daily skincare routine. Even though the serum claims to have hydration, I recommend using a moisturizer with SPF because your skin would never go wrong with more moisture. 

Step 2

I take a drop or two depending on how I am feeling, and massage it on my palm to evenly spread it out. 

This I feel is critical for an even makeup application. So rubbing it in my palm seems to be the best way to do it. 

Step 3

I massage the serum on my face leaving my eyes. I don’t really need it on my eyes as I have eye cream applied there already. 

After applying it on my face, I usually wait for around 30 seconds before applying my foundation. 

Overall Thoughts

I am definitely going to continue using the serum specially for my everyday skincare routine. If you have dry skin and you might makeup looking cakes at the end of the day, then this serum is definitely the solution for that. 

But if you have a breakout prone skin, I would maybe suggest, try it out for a few days before committing to it. Typically serums like these ones act as a pore minimizer which closes your pore. so, if you have sensitive skin, this might cause breakouts. 

I also recommend not replacing you existing serums with this one, but using it in the place of your makeup primer.

If you have used any makeup serum, I would love to know what are your thoughts on them. Do you think they are worth it?


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