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Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans Review


You are bored of your basic jeans and looking for an upgraded denim piece that will elevate your outfits. And you landing on these Agolde criss cross jeans. Are you wondering whether it’s worth it or does it really fit well. In this post, you can find the complete review of these really popular style of jeans. 

So, lets get started.

About The Brand

AGOLDE was founded by the “the Godfather of denim” Adrian Goldschmied in 1993 in Los Angeles. The brands goal was to create a line of denim made for the IT girl of the 90s. 

Since then, they have been a trendsetter for vintage yet elevated style of jeans that looks modern with a vintage flare. 

Honestly, to me most Agolde jeans look like an upgraded version of Levis. They are pretty comparable with their designs and fit. 

Agolde brand shot

Product Review

These criss cross jeans are one of the innovative designs from Agolde and also come in shorts version, but I instantly fell in love with these criss cross style. They look different and look much more stylish than your average jeans. 

What Size I bought

Before I can talk about what size I bought and why I picked it up, let’s get to my body measurements for your reference. 

I am 5 ft 6 inches tall on a good day, you can shave off 1.2 inches sometimes. I have a shorter torso, which means my top half is  relatively shorter than my legs. This is not normal for everyone. There are perfectly proportionate women out there. 

I am 29-30 inches around my waist and 38 inches around my hip. This means, I am also straight figured. So, I honestly prefer jeans that are wider leg or have wider bottoms because they balance out my straight figure.

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Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans Review - Body Measurements

I usually buy Levis jeans in size 29. But, I bought these Criss cross jeans in the size 28. They actually run big. I do have a little bit of belly pooch situation, so I hate wearing super tight jeans. 

But if you have flat abs, I would suggest going 1 more size down, because they are really comfortable for me in size 28. 

Price Of The Jeans

Agolde jeans are branded as a luxury denim brand and they appeal to the luxury demographics. But from a price point, I don’t think they are super expensive. 

They retail for $198 which is still lower than brands like Citizens of Humanity or Mother, Frame and so on. These brands have jeans that on an average costs you more than $200. But they are amongst the high quality denim brands which will also look the part. 

But I also think the price is worth for the innovative criss cross design.

Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans Outfit

Fit Of The Jeans

The biggest plus point was the waist sizing, instead of Euro sizing guide which somehow never fits me. And they are also high rise jeans

I am a big fan of comfortable jeans. I think for me skinny jeans are a rarity. I love the comfort of straight leg jeans. And these jeans are absolutely comfortable.

Even after sizing down, my waist does not get squishy in them, and  because of the criss cross design, they look way more flattering and hide my belly pooch easily. 

These jeans are also high rise, but because of the criss cross style, they dont feel like digging into your body as straight style of jeans would. 

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Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans - Fit - Side View
Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans - Fit - Back View

Length Of The Jeans

The Agolde criss cross jeans have 30″ inseam. For my height they are a bit longer. Typically, I for a jeans to be ankle length or just touching my ankle, it would have to have 28″ inseam. 

Now these jeans do look longer because the waist are not too tight for me. So, I am accounting for that. 

The length is not appropriate for flats. Not for me for sure, so I wear platform heels to offset the jeans floor drag. 

Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans length

Criss Cross Style

These jeans have a button fly opening style, that is why it’s easy to create this asymmetrical style around the torso. This makes the jeans look modern and elevated. 

The button fly also makes any jeans more comfortable compared to zip opening. 

The criss cross style is also really easy to open and close. And stays completely secure throughout the day. 

Agolde Criss Cross Straight Leg Jeans opening style

Overall Thoughts

The Agolde criss cross jeans almost look like trousers to me. They elevate a simple casual outfit. In terms of overall fit and comfort, I think these are perfect for the modern millennial woman with the comfortable fit and the straight leg fit that looks really flattering. 

These jeans are also not stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about it getting loose over the years. I own the shorts version of these, and have been wearing them for years now. 

Where To Shop

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