Luxury Investment Pieces for Fall/Winter that you will Wear Forever!


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Luxury Investment Pieces for Fall/Winter that you will Wear Forever!

With every season where we think of experimenting with styles and also keep our personal style integrity intact, I love to take out some of the classics I own and wear them to bring out my statement style. While, there are some items that I wear year around, there are specific fall  luxury pieces that I get most excited about that absolutely making want to dress up every morning.

Now, even more than ever, I cling on to these pieces because they keep my fashion candle burning and are keeping me excited. Every year, I try to save up for one key item that I will be investing in so that I can keep on wearing them for a long time. 

In this post I wanted to share with you items that I already have in my closet and some of my wishlist pieces. 


A good coat goes a long way and all of you would agree I am sure. Its the one piece that you can wear year after year and feel really great about. Coats are in generally built in detail and if you picked a proper fabric, it lasts a long time. I have two coats that I absolutely adore and have collected in the past couple of years. 

The Stella Mcartney coat is my most favorite piece in my closet. I love the structure silhouette of the coat you can literally pair it with anything and you look polished and structured. The blush pink color makes it perfect nile tone for my closet. But the coat comes in other colors as well. I picked it up when it was almost 40% off discount, but every penny was worth it.

Isabel Marant Etoile Wool Coat was the perfect white oversized coat that I was looking for. Its warm and looks really cozy and like the Isabel Marant brand’s has a bohemian vibe with the oversized silhouette. This coat gives the cozy modern bohemian style to all my outfits. And since its again a very basic color, I can wear it with anything and would last me a long time.

Luxury Investment Pieces for Fall/Winter that you will Wear Forever - pic 4
Luxury Investment Pieces for Fall/Winter that you will Wear Forever - pic 1
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Chelsea boots

 I think if you love boots you must own a pair of Chelsea boots, they are the modern basic pair of boots that literally goes well with everything. I already owned a Steve Madden pair at the time and decided to upgrade my boots, and after much research decided to buy the Acne Studio Chelsea boots. These boots have a style of there own. The super pointy toes with chrome details makes it extremely modern and your feet look long and elegant. The shoe does run half a size small because of the pointy style. So, if you are looking to buy these, size up.

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Loafers are my favorite fall shoes. I do love boots, but being born in tropical climate, I am not that used to them. For me, cooler temperature made me want shoes that are cozier. And loafers are the perfect way of feeling stylish and cozy. I call them, the blazers for my feet, hahaha. They add a certain style and structure. I have two pairs of them.

Gucci Leather Horsebit Loafers are the most comfortable pairs of loafers made. They are made out of soft leather that hugs your feet without being clingy. They have a classic look to them, that I am absolutely in love with. I also love the detail in the top of the loafers that gives it a more luxurious look. I bought them in a light pink color because they just look a classic fun pair of loafers that you can wear with skirts, dresses and even pants. And the color also makes it really versatile.

Luxury Investment Pieces for Fall/Winter that you will Wear Forever - pic 4
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Alexander Wang Loafers are a new addition and I dont think so are available anymore. I actually fell in love with the super masculine style of the loafers that instantly demands attention. It looks so chic and yet so powerful wearing this shoes that I just could not resist them. Again, I sized up because of the pointy style of the shoes. The thing that I love most about them are the logos that just makes this a piece of art. Call me crazy. 


These are best investment pieces for fall winter and actually year round for travel and more. You look so chic in a classic piece and you can easily elevate you basic outfits with a touch of elegance and luxury. And to be honest, you probably only need one signature one.

This Gucci Nude wool scarf is something that I literally wear everyday. I love the style and the classic logo pattern in the scarf that looks so luxurious. The neutral tee tone color makes it really easy to style with any outfit and its actually a perfect fall layer for when its not really freezing.

The Hermes scarf was an airport purchase and I love the fact that I did not go for prints. I wanted a shawl style scarf that I can carry with me for travel and this one is perfect for that. It  has the classic Hermes logo embossed and the dark navy makes it perfect for travel as I mostly wear darker colors. It is a cashmere scarf so, its lightweight and really cozy and I would be keeping this with me till its time to pass it on to my daughter.

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Luxury Investment Pieces for Fall/Winter that you will Wear Forever - pic 5

Let me know what is the one classic timeless piece in your closet that you keep bringing back over and over again and love wearing for fall.


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