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How To Nail Monochrome Outfits Effortlessly


How To Nail Monochrome Outfits Effortlessly

Monochromatic outfits can be a really easy way of looking put together and stylish. And if you know the right way of creating outfits in monochrome, they will also look way more luxe than your regular outfits. 

In this post, I want to share ways you can create a monochromatic outfit. Style tips to elevate your monochrome looks and how to create them in all shades. 

Covering In The Article

I have been wearing monochromatic outfits for quite sometime now and it makes my outfit look way more stylish and elevated compared to other ways of wearing it. And I will be sharing how you can incorporate monochromatic looks into everyday wear without making it look over the top. 

What Does Monochromatic Mean?

The word “monochromatic” is an adjective that signifies a singular color. This does not mean it has to be just black, white or gray. Though this was a popular notion in the early 90s, that monochrome outfits are black and white outfits. 

But as you can see from the definition, that is not the case. Anywhere you use a single color is called monochromatic. 

You will also hear the word “tonal” which means the same.  Its when you create a similar color theme in your outfit.

Monochromatic definition

But does this mean, you have to wear the same color overall?

The answer is no. monochrome is the appearance of a singular color that could be achieved by various shades of the same color. 

What Are The Rules For Monochromatic Outfits?

Wondering how to nail monochrome outfits effortlessly? Let’s dive into the rules to follow when putting together a stunning monochromatic look.

These are not really rules, but take them as steps that could help you wear the perfect monochrome look that turns heads.

Keep All The Clothes In A Color Family

You don’t have to wear exactly matching clothes if you don’t have them. You need to make sure that you can keep the color family the same. 

Like if you are wearing a Blue outfit, you can wear a light blue top with darker blue bottom. And add a coat or jacket which is light or dark blue. It’s a a way to create a look without wearing a lot of other colors. 

How To wear monochrome outfits with all over color

Wear Most Of The Same Color

Wearing monochrome outfits with 2 colors

Pay Attention to Fit and Silhouette

Ensure that your monochromatic outfit fits well and flatters your body shape. Opt for pieces that accentuate your best features while maintaining a cohesive color scheme. Mixing different silhouettes within the same color palette can create a visually appealing outfit.

Balancing proportions in a monochrome outfit

How Do You Break Up A Monochromatic Outfit?

When you keep these styling tips in mind, it will make the process of creating monochromatic looks really easy and effortless. It will help you feel confident in wearing them. And you can update your style without really buying a lot of clothes. 

Mix textures of Fabric

This is the most important tip to follow which creating your monochrome outfit. Don’t wear the same texture all over. When you match the color and the texture of the fabric all over. Your outfit looks like a giant piece of cloth. You will look washed up. And you will loose the shape of your body. 

And yes this is also true with all black looks. 

And easy way to create a monochrome outfit is by simply picking different fabric textures for a look. 

All Green Monochromatic outfit

If you are wearing satin or silk, make sure that you have added some matte fabric clothes to balance the shininess of satin. The same way if you are wearing a knitted top. Open for a woven outerwear with a different fabric texture. This way you are creating a perception of depth in your look. And your top, bottom and outerwear are still distinguished. 

That’s the whole point of an outfit, to accentuate your body. Otherwise everybody would be wearing a giant sheet everyday. Why bother with pants and tops. 

Add Contrasting Accessory

All Pink Monochromatic outfit with contrasting belt

Mix Prints & Patterns

You can also add printed clothes with the same color palette and create a really interesting monochromatic outfit. And this is a great way to add prints to your outfit if you have trouble coordinating prints clothes in general. 

Since everything else is in the same color, the printed piece stand out and looks really chic and stylish. 

Honestly, this is one of my favorite ways of wearing prints. Makes my live so easy.

Balance The Proportions

Even if you are wearing monochromatic outfits, you should still balance the proportion of your outfit to look stylish. This is pretty simple. Make sure you wear something fitted with something oversized. Because monochromatic outfits can hide your body shape, its easy to look frumpy in them.

So don’t pick a fitted top with a fitted bottom. Or wear everything oversized. You still want to wear clothes that accentuate your body. 

Monochromatic outfit with fitted top and straight leg jeans

Add a Statement Piece

Integrating statement pieces into your monochromatic ensemble can instantly break the visual uniformity. Opt for a bold patterned coat, a striking pair of shoes, or a unique headpiece to make a statement and break the monochrome monotony. Let these statement pieces shine against the backdrop of your monochromatic outfit.

Pink Monochromatic outfit with printed skirt

Add Different Layering Pieces

Layering is another excellent technique to break up a monochrome outfit effortlessly. Experiment with adding different layers like a structured blazer, a cozy cardigan, or a stylish vest in complementary tones to create visual interest. Layering not only adds dimension but also keeps your outfit versatile and weather-appropriate.

Monochrome outfits with a statement layer

How To Make Monochrome Outfits Look Good?

Sometimes monochromatic outfits can get a little simple and basic. Here are some easy ways to spice it up.

Wear Bright Colors

Red monochromatic outfit

Add one Contrasting shade

You can also swap one piece of in your outfit with a different shade. While people might call it color blocking. It’s actually not. Your outfit is still monochromatic because the rest of your clothes are in the same shade. 

This way of building a monochromatic outfit is also easier, compared to wearing all the same colors. 

Monochromatic outfit with all pink and green

Create a Suit Style

This is such a fun way of wearing monochromes. And you dont have to wear suits. It means match the shades or patterns of your bottom and outerwear. This is also a cool way of wearing colors in your outfit.

You can match the texture and style or even just shades of your bottom and the third layer like the jacket, blazer or coat. You can still wear the same color in your top, but because it will have a different texture, your outfit will look interesting. 

Mix Prints In The Same Color Base

You can wear different prints together in the same base shades and create a fun monochromatic outfit. This outfit will look interesting and because it’s in the same color palette everything will look well coordinated. 

If you use this trick, don’t forget to keep your outerwear and other accessories more neutral. Otherwise your outfit can look busy. 

Print on print monochromatic outfit

Don'ts of Style a Monochromatic Outfit

While monochromatic looks are easy and stylish. Here are some things you should not do when it comes to creating a monochromatic outfit that might make your outfit look tacky:

  1. Don’t wear animal print all over. This is a big no no. Now, you do you, but I am here to help you elevate your style and animal prints won’t do it. 
  2. Don’t go overboard with monochrome. Always add something contrasting.
  3. Stay away from logo prints. You should do this normally, but don’t creating printed monochromes with logos. 
  4. Balance your accessories. Don’t wear too many accessories. This is a rule of thumb for any style of outfit. 

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