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Monos Carry On Pro Complete Review: Worth it?


Monos Carry On Pro Complete Review: Blog Banner

Looking for a carry on suitcase that will fit your laptop, so you can travel weight free, the Monos Carry on Pro suitcase might be a right fit for you. 

Table of Contents

Monos carry On Pro Outfit 1

About The Brand

Monos was founded in 2018, yes it’s a fairly new brand of luggage. The brand ethos is to focus on creating luggage that are timeless and classic. So it will look great with anyone and will stand the test of time in terms of style I mean.

So, instead of making the bag look super cool or funky, they focused on simplicity and quality. 

I came to know about the brand through a couple of Instagram ads and was totally impressed by the design. And now, I see them everywhere. 

The brand initially focused on luggages, and then accessories. And now, they have branched out into travel clothing. 

Mono Catalog

The Review

I bought the Monos Carry On Pro and Monos Check in suitcase as a set after my Mark & Graham set gave up on me in June, 2022. This was for my upcoming trip to India. I was looking for a suitcase set that I can take on all of my trips and would be a classic piece that does not look cheap when I take it in business class. 


The Monos Carry On Pro is priced at $311 which is on the average side of suitcases with laptop compartment. 

And the price point is comparable to know luggage brands with laptop compartment in the hard shell. 


Here is an excellent post with all the carry on luggage sizes for different flights from Briggs & Riley. Just to error on the side of caution, I prefer to keep my carry on to an average size of 22 inch long and 14 inch wide. 

This should give you a buffer specs for any flight. And that is exactly the size of this suitcase. 

Monos Carry On pro luggage measurements


The Monos carry on pro is made out of unbreakable polycarbonate shell which is break resistant. The handles are also pretty sturdy. I have kept heavy bags on top of it can walked miles in the Qatar airport. 

But the suitcase is not scratch resistant. I did notice some scuff marks, but that is normal in all suitcases. I am just glad that I bought a black one, so the scratches are not that visible. 

I took it to India and Jamaica, both tropical places and I was worried that humidity will affect this suitcase shell, to get softer, but no such thing happened. 

In fact its check in version arrived 5 days late in a truck in the monsoon and all of my interior items were complete dry. This totally proves that this suitcase can keep things dry and can be taken to tropical destinations.

Monos carry on pro suitcase exterior

Interior details

A hard shell suitcase is a little limited compared to the soft shell ones. Because it won’t expand or you can’t stuff that much. But I have stuffed a lot in it. 

The interior compartment has a zipped enclosure on one side and double heavy duty straps on the other. This makes strapping things easier. 

But the space is enough to pack, 2 days worth of clothes, a small toiletry and a pair of shoes. 

The bag also has a net zip compartment and a hidden side zip compartment which is really useful for those short trips. 

Monos carry on pro suitcase Interior
Monos carry on pro suitcase Interior closeup

Laptop compartment

The laptop compartment easily fits a 16 inch laptop in the sleeves or if you need easy access, you can put it in the middle. Now, if the suitcase is pretty stuffed, then you won’t be able to fit the laptop in the sleeves. So, you might have to put it in the middle.

This does make it harder to put chargers that are thicker in the small compartments, because the laptop compartment won’t close. 

But I usually put the laptop charger in the suitcase, so it has not been a problem for me. 

Monos carry on pro suitcase laptop compartment
Monos carry on pro suitcase interior pockets of laptop compartment


The Monos carry on pro comes with a TSA approved number lock system that is extremely easy to setup and go. And it locks every time even if you stuff your suitcase. 

I think that’s the beauty of hard shell suitcases. 

The laptop compartment zips also have loops that can easily be locked with a padlock. So, in case you are worried about safety of your gadget, Monos has you covered. 

Monos carry on pro suitcase laptop compartment zip

Overall Thoughts

After taking it on numerous trips and coming close to a year using this suitcase, I am extremely happy with my purchase. It works with all my trip outfits. And it is not too bright or loud, so it does not catch any attention. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions that I want to answer as well.

Monos carry On Pro Outfit 2

Do Monos suitcases scratch easily?

It does not scratch easily, but it does scratch. The darker suitcase (black) looks better and hides scratches compared to the lighter shade. 

Does Monos carry-on pro fit in overhead?

Yes, absolutely. It fits in smaller and larger planes easily. 

What are the Best Colors for Worry Free Traveling?

I would say black and not just because it does not show a lot of scratch. It also does not get dirty or looks dirty as much. This is important if you are going to tropical places.

What is the difference between Monos Carry-On Pro and Carry-On Pro Plus?

Carry on pro Plus is bigger in size compared to the Carry on pro and is a great fit for work travelers who need a little bit more room to pack stuff. Most domestic flights also have less carry on spec restrictions. 

So you can carry the bigger size. 

Monos carry On Pro plus and carry on pro comparison

Where To Shop

Monos was only available at Monos initially but now it’s available in other stores. Here are the two places to shop:

If you are looking for more color options, then checkout Monos store since Nordstrom has limited shades. 

Check our roundup of the best carry ons with laptop compartment.

For more on women's travel, please read:


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