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What to Wear In Fall To Look Effortless Chic


What to Wear In Fall To Look Effortless Chic

While we all look forward to fall eagerly, its really tough to style for the weather. Even though it might be fall season, it might be too hot to wear sweaters or you might be lucky on who sees the weather cooling down and suddenly feel like you don’t have the right layers in your wardrobe.

In this fall style guide, you will find what to wear, how to transition your style from summer to fall. You will also find how you can layer effortlessly but also what to layer when its hot and when the weather gets cooler. 

You will also find tips on what accessories and footwear to get and how to style them to elevate your everyday outfits. 

Table of Contents

Colors to Wear in Fall

The most important and fun part for any season is the ability to wear colors. Colors can not only change your mood they will also change your style and look. Fall is the most popular season for its earthy hues and colors. And its a great time to incorporate colors into your wardrobe if you are not doing that already. 

But you don’t have to limit yourself to just fall specific colors like brown or pumpkin shade. This is the perfect time to skip soft colors like pastels or super bright shades like Neons and pick rich colors that add depth to your outfits. 

Colors that emphasize and makes your outfit look cozy and perfect for cooler temperature. 

Checkout the best colors to wear in fall.


Fall Colorful Capsule

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Fall colors to wear - Fuchsia, Burgundy, Wine, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink

What Are The Fall Wardrobe Basics?

While you might think you have everything in your wardrobe, you will be surprised to see all the essentials you are missing. This is also a great time to upgrade some of your everyday pieces that have worn out or clearly no longer feel exciting to wear. Now I am not saying you need to clean out everything. But it would be a great time to organize your wardrobe and prep for cooler months.

Fall is an in between season where you still could not wear the chunky sweater, but you just can’t walk in plain t shirt and shorts. This is where having the right wardrobe staples and pieces that you can layer is key to great style. I also see a lot of women, just mix and match whatever they have to layer. This can lead to you looking frumpy. 

I did not create a capsule wardrobe plan for fall, but let me know if you are interested in that. You can leave a comment.

I am creating a list of essential pieces you should have in your wardrobe to look chic and layer effortlessly. You can pick them in your favorite fall colors.





  • Short Sleeve T shirt dress
  • Lightweight sweater dress
  • Midi Dress
  • Above the knee dress


Fall Styles That Will Elevate Your Style

If you are wondering how to upgrade and elevate your fall style then read along. These pieces will hands down always elevate each and every outfit, whether you are styling them casually, laidback or outfits that you are picking for a special occasion.

Patterned Blazer

Your fall outfits can look boring when you just have a bunch of solid colors added together like a solid color sweater or top, plain jeans or leggings, plain boots. It gets boring, but adding a little bit of pattern can transform the look. While you can buy a printed sweater or top, a patterned blazer is much more versatile. 

You can thrown it on any outfit and you look sophisticated and put together. I am a blazer fan, so you might think I am bias, but try it for yourself and see how it changes your style.

Light Colored Leather Jacket

You don’t have to just wear a basic black leather jacket. While that’s a staple you definitely need in your wardrobe, I personally love a colored one or even a white one that stands out and elevates your outfit. 

But the key is to find a good quality looking one. It does not matter whether you buy a faux leather or real one, its important that, it does not look cheap. 

The material should look good and the jacket should not have way too much texture, it does not look expensive.

Printed Top

While we all love printed dresses and they look fall ready. But do you know a printed top can take your wardrobe even further. 

Pick one in your color palette you chose for your wardrobe and you can wear it with casual and fancier bottoms to create so many outfits that look sophisticated and has touch of your personality. 

Solid colors often give you the same looks as everyone else, but a printed top, can change all that. And you don’t have to pick floral prints if you don’t want it. 

White Ankle Boots

When you are wearing dark tone of black all over, your footwear barely makes a difference. But if you swap your black ankle boots with white ones, your outfit looks way more expensive. 

The white color brightens the look and gives it a more put together touch. And you also look much more sophisticated and stylish in it. 

You don’t have to pick really high heel ones. A good quality white Chelsea boots will also do.

Belted Coat

This style of coat is a game changer for me. Layering can make you look bulky whether you have light or thicker layers. A long coat can make you look wider or you will loose all shape. 

But if you pick a coat which has prebuilt belt loops and belt, you can tie it to create a waist definition that looks really flattering. And you do not have to wear the belt that comes with the coat. Because you have the belt loop you can swap it with leather or chain belts to elevate the coat look. 

This makes you look put together no matter what style of clothes you are wearing. And you also retain your body shape , in fact you create an hour glass look.

How to Stay Warm & Look Stylish In Fall?

We all get excited to wear cozy sweaters and coats and jackets, but that might not be the only pieces you need to stay cozy. Accessories are so important to elevate any style in any season, but they become even more important in winter because they are so important. 

And moreover accessories can help when its not too cold outside but you still want to wear fall outfits, guess what these accessories will help you in creating fall looks with summer clothes. 

Felt Hat

Felt Fedora hats can instantly transform your summer outfits into fall and winter looks. I love felt hats and own one in each color probably and why not, they cover your head and face from gusty winds and look chic while doing that. 

Pick a colored one if you already own black which can also add a pop of color to your fall dark tone looks. 

This one is from – Lack Of Colors.

Wool Blend Scarf

Scarves can be worn all year round if you have the right style. For transitional weather like fall its good wear wool blend scarves that are lightweight. They can be layered with your outfits to keep you cozy but they are not thick or chunky to make you hot. 

I love silk and wool blend scarves because they are so comfortable and soft to wear. And you can find a lot of styles and patterns that you will love.

You can also pick cashmere scarves that will look classy and luxe.

This one is from – Gucci.

Sheer Tights

Another great accessory that will help you to stay cozy and transition all your outfits to fall stylishly are sheer tights. 

You can either pick plain sheer tights or patterned ones. I personally prefer patterns because most of my outfits are solid in color, but if you pick printed dresses or skirts, opt for plain sheer tights.

This one is from – Bloomingdales.

Incorporating Trends In Your Fall Wardrobe

It is easy to get swept away by trends for any season and its no different for fall. But here are some of my tips that will help you with picking trends that are wearable and sustainable for you in the long run.

  1. Look for trends in clothing style that you can wear year over year. Say for example you love wearing cardigans, then you can find some trendy pieces for this season that you can buy and wear next year as well rather than looking at a sweater vest that might not be your style at all. 
  2. Always go for color trends, this is the most wearable trends for any year and season. Every year you will see similar garments in new colors, this is a great way to add to your colorful wardrobe while staying true to your style. 
  3. Always think how will the garment look on you. I love leather skirts, they are my favorite, but I don’t enjoy wearing mini skirts, they cut my body weirdly and make me look shorter and wider. So instead of picking a leather mini skirt, I would pick a midi length that looks more flattering on me. 
  4. Don’t spend big money on trends. If you have a lot of money, you can absolutely go for it. Trends are always short lived and you might end up throwing it away next year. If you want to try a trend, try to look for cheaper alternatives to experiment with. 

Extra Touches To Elevate Your Outfits

These are optional pieces, but will definitely transform your fall looks and your overall style. And I also never paid attention to this till I did. And now my outfits definitely look fall ready. 

Fall Crossbody Handbag

If you are minimalistic and don’t own a lot of handbags, this is a perfect reason to add one that will work for you from fall to winter.

You can wear them for all kinds of fall occasions and will also be perfect for everyday wear. But pick a crossbody bag. Most of the time, your fall outfit will be bulkier and shoulder bags might be uncomfortable to wear or manage. 

A crossbody bag will have an adjustable shoulder strap that you can transform from everyday wear to occasion wear by shortening the straps

This one is from – Mulberry.

Fall Sunglasses

This is an easy one to add to your wardrobe will effortlessly elevate your outfits. I am a big fan of colored glasses, but I love wearing them in summer. 

As I transition my style to fall, I love wearing thick framed darker ton sunglasses that add more drama to my outfits. This is a good way to add some earthy tones to your look as well. 

This one is from – Gucci.

For more on fall styling, please read:


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