Spring Wardrobe Staples To Look Stylish Everyday Effortlessly


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Spring Wardrobe Staples To Look Stylish Everyday Effortlessly

I am super excited for spring which kind of marks new beginnings, and in this post I wanted to share my top wardrobe essentials that helps me look put together and still have a comfortable and effortless style. While most of us are still loving loungewear and mostly in Pjs, I wanted to share some wardrobe essentials that you won’t just wear this spring but pieces that you will continue to wear the next spring as well.

My Moto for my wardrobe has always been timeless and some of the items I have been wearing for years and bring them out every spring summer when the weather is finally warm and vibrant. 

Creating a wardrobe that you love and enjoy does not happen overnight but it also is not difficult at all. Checkout my post about 5 steps to your most wearable wardrobe ever where I share 5 easy steps that will get you started on creating a wardrobe full of pieces that you will enjoy and love for years to come.

Now let’s get into this post.

What I am covering in this post:


After wearing chunky sweaters and thick cardigans, I love swapping them with lighter pieces. But since it would still get cooler in the evenings, so having lighter layers that you can easily add or remove depending on the weather becomes significant. I also love adding a bit of color to my layered pieces but for outerwear I like to keep them neutral and lighter tones.

Lightweight Sweaters

It might be just me, but I usually still feel cold and like to keep my arms covered during early spring. Lighter knitwear pieces are excellent for transitional weather. 

Usually lightweight sweaters are made out of cotton or blend material so, they are more breathable and you don’t feel as warm as you would with woolen pieces. 

This way you are still covered and yet have a light layer for your skin to soak the fresh breeze. 

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Oversize Buttoned Shirts

I am a big fan of buttoned shirts because they make you look instantly structured and put together because of the button details. And oversized ones are perfect for creating the effortless look and you will always be comfortable in it.

I love that the oversized style creates relaxed look and the skirt also feels versatile. You can also make them as swim cover ups. Though I definitely recommend buying one plain white oversized shirt, but you can also buy any lighter tones that will feel like spring as well.

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I have been wearing cropped cardigans since last fall because they feel like a relaxed blazer when I am working at my desk. They also make for a perfect layer when you have those zoom video calls for work or just for fun as well. 

And adding some lighter cardigans for spring would be a perfect way of adding spring colors to your wardrobe. Rather then going for longer cardigans, I recommend going for cropped ones which you can also swap as a sweater when you want to, so you can really get a lot of wear out of it. 

I had recently created an outfit post where I have 9 outfit ideas with a black cropped cardigan but you can take that use it for any colored cardigans as well.

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Though I love to stay in leggings most days because they are so easy to put on and forget about, but I definitely feel better when I wear something light and breathable for spring.

But since, I am still not completely brave enough to go all bare on my legs, I still lean towards pants compared to skirts.

Light wash (Slouchy) Jeans

Its the perfect time to take out all of the light wash denims and wear them to freshen up our wardrobes. I really love swapping the darker denims with light colored jeans, but my go to pieces are relaxed fit and my most worn pieces are Slouchy jeans. 

I shared my thoughts about them in the post about why I skipped skinny jeans and living in slouchy jeans. I usually wear them around the house when I am working from home as well. 

Because of the relaxed fit, I feel comfortable but with the pleated details they look so chic and structured as well. 

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Ankle Length Pull On Pants

I am recently introduced to them, but I am already hooked. I love that they still look like structured work pants, but because of the elastic waist they are super comfortable to wear all day. 

The lightweight style of the pants make them easy to wear with any top and your outfit will still look put together and stylish. 

I picked a pair of black because they are a basic color that will go with everything, but I also bought them in white. 

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While I am really jealous when I see people still walking with shorts and tshirts in California, I feel cold the moment temperature drops below 70. If you are like me, you understand outerwear is such an important essential in our lives. 

But lighter outerwear is important because you don’t want to feel too hot in them. 

At the sometime, they can actually elevate your outfits. For me an outerwear piece is something that adds more structure to whatever I am wearing underneath. There are days when I am literally wearing loungewear, but when I add a structured coat on top of that, my outfit instantly looks put together and stylish. 

So if you are someone who is a bit lazy in your everyday life but still wants to look good, I would suggest investing in structured outerwear.

Lightweight Trench

Lightweight is the mantra for my tops because I don’t like to make myself too warm. Spring is the season for light cold breeze hitting your skin and making you feel fresh. 

And if I am too warm, I also don’t enjoy that and I also feel uncomfortable. A lightweight trench coat is a great way to feel cozy and not too warm with some structure.

Because the coat is longer, you end up feeling a bit cozier as well. 

And I prefer going for lighter colors, usually in the color tone of pink or tan which feels fresh and very spring. But if you don’t enjoy that color, going for heather gray or even light blue can be a great option.

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Oversize Blazer

If you are not on the blazer wagon, I just want to ask why not! Its the best piece that any woman can own. And I live in them all year. 

I have all different styles of blazers depending on the weather. Linen blazers for summer, woolen for fall and winter. 

Its a great layering piece that creates a structured look. And oversized blazer don’t look so corporate suit style. They look relaxed, comfortable and effortless but still bring in that structure to any outfit. 

I literally wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts throughout the year. And I feel like these blazers should have a different name.

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This is my favorite part about spring actually. Though boots look amazing on everyone, I am more of a spring summer footwear kind of a gal. And when spring comes knocking, I get so eager to take out all of my sandals and flats.

I still like pieces that are structured and enhance my overall style, but I am big comfort fan too. So, even though it feels like you will be all warm, I still like to cover my toes when the cold breeze hits my skin.


Loafers and especially loafer mules are my go to footwear when the weather is warmer. The details f the footwear adds a touch of sophistication to my outfit and at the same time, are really comfortable footwear compared to ballet flats. 

Once I started wearing them I could not wear ballet flats anymore. 

The loafer mules are specially relaxed because of the open back style and they also look effortless to wear. They are like the modern day slides.

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White Ankle Boots

If you still love wearing boots till summer is around the corner then you will absolutely love white ankle boots which are perfect combination with lighter colored outfits and bring a touch of spring to the boots style. 

I specially like white ankle boots because white actually goes with everything. My ankle boots from coach are 3 years old and still wear them so much. 

A good pair of boots would last you for years and bring in a signature style to your overall aesthetics.

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These are my go to style of sandals during spring. The close toe style and breathable canvas fabric makes them perfect for the spring weather. 

And they come in so many styles. I love wearing them with floral prints to create a Spanish vineyard vibe to my outfits. 

Most espadrilles are really comfortable to wear because of the platform heel styles, but if you don’t like heels they also come in flat styles and in so many different colors. 

They are the perfect spring addition.

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I hope you are as excited as I am for spring. I would love to know what all pieces do you and want to rewear this spring.


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