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The Ultimate Spring Outfit Plan with Essentials Guide For Busy Working Moms + Free Download


Hi Ladies, Super excited to share this Outfit Plan that I have created specially for all of you who want to upgrade their Spring Style this year with top 10 Spring Essentials for this year.

If you have have been struggling lately with your outfits because you have started hating everything you own in your closet. Or are really bored of all your outfits then this Outfit Plan is specially curated for you. 

As a Working Mom myself, I can understand how stressful and really annoying sometimes it can be to spend hours trying to get ready in the morning specially with all the home schooling and tight work from home schedule. Your style sometimes takes the back burner when you have a million chores infront of you. 

But it does not have to be that way, and that is where this outfit plan comes in place. I have added 50 outfit ideas with 10 spring essentials that I recommend having in your closet at all times. I talk in detail about these spring wardrobe must haves in my Elevated Everyday Style with Spring Essentials blog post. If you are interested why I recommend them, I explain it in that post. 

But here, I want to share exact details that I have added in the Free Download which will make it super easy for you to dress everyday. 

You can create multiple variations of the outfits by swapping pieces that you already own and that means you will always look chic and put together. 

My Top Wardrobe Essentials

In this outfit plan I am sharing my absolute top 10 essentials that woman need to create an easy and stylish look every single day. 

These wardrobe essentials are pieces that I have personal tried and tested for years and worn to elevate my personal style. 

I also find that these essentials are timeless addition to your closet that you will wear for years. I personally believe in building a style and closet that works you for years. Even if you are upgrading your wardrobe, you don’t have to start from scratch. 

These essentials have always made a comeback every year and I love recycling what I already own and find new piece that could compliment my wardrobe.

My Shopping Recommendations

For Each of these essentials that I suggest in the outfit planner, I have also added my top shopping recommendations. These are shops that I always bought from and are really high quality pieces but on a great budget. 

I know with family priorities, splurging probably sounds bad sometimes, so I ensured that these items are budget friendly. But, I always want to make sure that you buy pieces that will last you for a long time instead of something that is only one wear worth. 

For every essential, I recommended I have added basics as well as Spring color options that you can also wear for Summer. If you already own a basic piece, you can check out some spring finds that will add colors and bring in variety to your outfits. Or if you already have a spring favorite in your closet, and instead do not have a basic or want to upgrade, you have the options in the plan.

Outfit Plans

I have created 5 outfits for each essential which combines to 50 outfit ideas that you can wear every single day of the week. 

Now, if you swap the essential itself, you can simply come up with way more outfits than that, so there will be never a moment where you will have nothing to wear. 

Every outfit is styled differently but works for variety of events. I wanted these outfits to be comfortable as well because as a mom if there is anything we want to be, its most importantly comfortable. 

But, I did not sacrifice on style. The outfit plan also includes accessory recommendations which includes jewelry and handbags to give an idea of color combinations to pair with your outfits. 

Now, depending on your style you can either follow the same exact outfit by shopping for pieces that you don’t own. Or you can swap the pieces with the ones you already do, so that you don’t have to worry about shopping for them.

Styles Included

I didnt want the styles to be just everyday, but at the same time each of these outfits can totally be worn everyday. 

But you can also elevate your looks with the right accessories (included) to create date night looks, girls night out looks or for festive occasions like a weekend getaway or Easter.

With the right styling, any simple outfit would look chic and put together without sacrificing comfort. And that is exactly what this outfit plan is. 

I have also incorporated colors in this plan. The best time to experiment with colors if you don’t wear them is Spring. 

I have created outfit combinations where you will not feel weird wearing colors or lets say enjoy colors in your outfit. 

I have also added accessories that will compliment the looks so you always look put together. 

Its always the details that makes the difference and that is what I have incorporated in the outfit plan.

What's The Benefit?

I  created this blog to help busy working moms like myself look and feel their very best. And that is exactly what this outfit guide delivers. 

Ofcourse, that also completely depends on whether you follow my recommendations and the outfit plan. I can only suggest and advise, but only YOU can make it happen. 

But, after following this plan for a month, I guarantee that your sense of effortless style will change and you will look at your style as a fun and enjoyable experience.

How To Use?

There are many ways to use this outfit plan. 

  1. You can download it to your  phone and save it as a ebook. You can refer to it the night before so you can decide what you are thinking of wearing.
  2. Take a print out and keep it in your makeup Vanity or closet drawer and refer to the outfit details I have added along with the pieces so you can swap it with what you already have.
  3. After taking prints you can just mark days when you think you will be wearing certain outfits. This way it will work as a calendar as well.

Grab the Guide Below

Please let me know if you have any questions on the guide. And Happy and Fun Spring!!


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