8 Tips on How to Wear High Waisted Jeans Even with a Belly

How to Wear High Waisted Jeans with a Tummy

If you feel uncomfortable wearing high waisted jeans because you don’t think you have the flat abs like those insta girls, then you are not alone my friend. But after checking out all of my style tips, you will surely think about these high waisted jeans differently.  For the longest I used to feel that […]

How to Dress Well in Your 30s even if You are Too Busy

How to Dress Well in Your 30s as a Busy Woman

You have hit 30, or have been cruising through the years wondering how to update your style and dress better everyday. But with a busy lifestyle you really cannot figure out how to do it, then checkout this full post.  These tips will help you look good everyday even if you are too busy for […]

Resort Wear Outfits that Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Resort Wear Outfits that Don't Break Your Bank Account

Looking for outfit ideas for your next Beach resort vacation and you really don’t want to buy all new outfits. Or maybe you don’t have time to shop for clothes. In this post I am sharing Resort Wear ideas that you can come up with pieces that you already own from your closet.  All of […]

The Only Hair Products You Will Need For The Beach

If you are looking for some haircare products that you want to carry with you to the beach then these are the only 5 products you would need. These products will make your hair look so good and most importantly not frizzy with all the humidity and constant washing. I recently went to a beach […]

How not to Look Frumpy in Your 30s & Beyond

Wondering whether you have started looking frumpy in your daily outfits since you have turned 30 or want a solution to fix your frumpy looks now that you have a more mature perspective about your style. In this post I am sharing some reasons why you feel frumpy and how to fix them so you […]

The Only Makeup Products You Need for Your Beach Vacation

Best Waterproof Makeup For Your Next Beach Vacation

Heading for your next beach getaway and wondering what makeup products you can or should be packing, then check out this blog post where I am sharing what are the only makeup products you should carry with you for a beach vacation that won’t melt in the heat as well as keep your luggage light.  […]

12 Smart Casual Summer Straight Leg Jeans Outfits

Love wearing jeans even in summer and looking for some outfit inspiration. Checkout 12 elevated casual summer outfits with straight leg jeans. I have been in love with this style of jeans because they look structured ad yet are so comfortable and chic. And these jeans definitely make casual outfits look more elevated and stylish.  […]

How to Fix Your Hair After Working Out Without Washing

You workout in the morning but have no time to wash and dry your hair after sweating your hair out or you just don’t want to wash your hair everyday after the gym session. In this post I am sharing how you can revive your hair after a sweaty workout without having to wash them.  […]

How to Create a No Eyeliner Makeup Look & Still Make Your Eyes Look Big

If you are looking to do your eye makeup where you don’t wear black eyeliner but you still want your eyes to look bigger and brighter in summer, then check out this step by step tutorial.  I honestly cannot be without eyeliner because of my hooded eyes, they look tired without eye liners. But in […]

Best Pool Slide Sandals That Can Be Worn Everyday

Checkout some of my favorite pool slides sandals that look so cute and nice that you can also wear them outside with your everyday clothes as well. I am sharing 6 of my favorite pool slides that are really high quality as well as look stylish enough to be worn with your regular clothes as […]

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