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Multifunctional Amazon Lint Shaver To Care For Your Winter Clothes
Multifunctional Amazon Lint Shaver To Care For Your Winter Clothes
I actually have had this lint shaver for around 10 months now. Bought this in January, after seeing an ad in some social media platform. I was absolutely amazed by the style and sleekness of the item....
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Holiday Gift Idea for the Cozy Home Body
This years, holiday will be a bit different, isn’t it. But at the same time, a lot of us who have been running around and working so hard all our lives, will actually get a bit of breather on holiday....
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Unique holiday gifts
Unique Etsy Gift Ideas for Christmas as Stocking Stuffers
Esty has always been my top destination to find unique pieces and also artwork and prints for my decor. I love that most of these items are handmade and really unique that you wont find anywhere else....
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Holiday outfit ideas with leather pants
Holiday Outfit Ideas with Leather Pants
I just can’t believe it that holidays are here. But I am also excited for them. There is something about holidays that lifts my mood. The idea of gifts, decorations, lots of holiday treats and some...
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Jaci haircare review
New Hair Care Product Review From Jaci
Super excited to share my thoughts on this new hair care line called Jaci. You know I am a big fan of hair care products. I usually and almost always spend more time on my hair than my face. So, when I...
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Emily in Paris Look
How To Get The Emily In Paris Look without being a Copy Cat
After binge watching Emily In Paris in like 2 days, I have to say, I was obsessed with the show and as a fashion addict, I wanted to recreate her looks. It just came at the right time when I need a little...
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Care package Gift ideas blog banner
Care Package Ideas That Would Be Perfect Holiday Gifts
Holidays are approaching quickly and before we know it would be time to pack gifts for our loved ones. This becomes the most exciting time for me every year. I just love to see the joy and surprise when...
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Sarah Flint Perfect Bootie review - Blog Banner
Sarah Flint Perfect Ankle Booties Review
As we all try to haste into fall this year which some how creeped up on us, I really have seen myself lean on the basics this year. And when I found these ankle booties, I just could not resist them. And...
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Fall Cropped Denim Jacket outfit Ideas
How To Wear A Cropped Denim Jacket In Fall without Jeans
I actually took this up as a challenge since as long as I could remember, I ignore the denim jacket. You see, I am not much of a casual person. I like to dress up a little bit as you probably have already...
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Slouchy Jeans Outfits - Blog Banner
Why I Skipped Skinny Jeans & Have Been Living in Slouchy Jeans Over a Year!
I have a confession to make, I have not purchased a single Skinny jeans in over a year now. And more importantly, have not worn them too. And in this post I want to share why and how I am literally living...
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Best setting powder for dry skin - blog banner
Best Setting Powders for Dry Skin To Keep Your Makeup Intact
I had to change up my makeup routine for fall winter and specially my setting powder since these cooler months, my current setting powder which I have shared multiple times looks a bit powdery. It does...
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Best Black boot styles for women blog banner
Essential Black Boot Styles For Women - & What's Not Worth It
We already know if there is something that we all own a lot of that is black boots. I think I always go for black boots if ever given an option and I always buy more. We all know why is that, they are...
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Olaplex No. 3 Review and Usage
Olaplex No.3 Honest Review & How to Properly Use it
If you have fine hair like me, you know how tough it is to manage on a regular basis when you want to color your hair or if you want to heat style your hair everyday. I have always struggled with frizziness...
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Laneige Lip Mask review
Laneige Lip Mask Review - A Night Routine Must Have
I have been a regular user of lip balms for as long as I could remember. I just have to say that I dont like to feel my lips dried or chapped. I love the feeling of having soft lips. And, they always feel...
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Denim shorts outfit ideas
3 Best Long Denim Shorts You Should Try This Summer
Shorts and Summer sound amazing don’t they. So does Suchi! Just Kidding. Now that temperatures are sky rocketing, I really love swapping jeans with some comfy shorts that look stylish and are versatile...
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No Foundation Makeup Look Blog Banner
How To Get Everyday Makeup Look Without Foundation Tutorial
If you are looking for a quick makeup routine for full face, but want to skip the foundation because either you are at home and don't want the cull coverage, or you want a more naturally everyday look...
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Summer Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas
8 Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas for Summer
Graphic tees are my absolute favorites when it comes to T-shirts. I love plain basic tees, but there is something about graphic tees that add a statement to any outfit. If you like t-shirts, I highly recommend...
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Luxury Shopping Tips Blog Banner
How To Be Smart About Your Luxury Shopping
In general, I aim at doing this and probably you do too for any kind of purchase but I am going to share some key tips that you can keep in the back of your mind when making buying decisions specially...
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Look Boho Chic in jeans blog banner
Look Boho Chic In Jeans - Easy Style Tip
Modern Bohemian is my favorite style, and its so much better than the traditional style because it has a casual and structure vibe to the look that I absolutely love. And you can totally nail the look...
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Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt - Quick & Easy Style Tip
I am really excited for this new series that I am starting on my blog about really easy and quick style upgrades that you can do to your daily outfits. Who else is excited? This first one had to be a Jeans...
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