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Thanks so much for visiting Pink April Diary Blog. Pink April Diary is a Fashion blog whose mission is to help Women with a Busy lifestyle look and feel their best in what they wear and look everyday.
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Look Boho Chic In Jeans - Easy Style Tip
Modern Bohemian is my favorite style, and its so much better than the traditional style because it has a casual and structure vibe to the look that I absolutely love. And you can totally nail the look...
Gold Rings That Give Your Fingers The Bohemian Touch!
I strongly feel like your jewelries should compliment your style and not overpower, whats your thoughts on that. Coming from a culture where we give jewelries as wedding gift exchange and in religious...
How To Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt
Look Chic In Jeans & T-Shirt - Quick & Easy Style Tip
I am really excited for this new series that I am starting on my blog about really easy and quick style upgrades that you can do to your daily outfits. Who else is excited? This first one had to be a Jeans...
5 Steps to Building Wardrobe That Works For YOU [FREE GUIDE]
5 Steps Guide to Your Wardrobe Makeover That Works For YOU
In this post, I am sharing 5 steps to clearing out your closet and organizing clothes that will maximize your wear and help you build a wardrobe that you will love for years.  If you are reading this,...
How to Shop Online For Clothes Like a Pro
Online shopping has always helped me keep my sanity intact. With a busy 9-5 job life and family responsibilities, I often had no time even in the evenings to head over to the mall even if its 5 minutes...
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Best Products To Use For Salon Result At Home
I dont know if you are like me missing your hair stylist the most. I miss her so much. Butt, at the same time, I honestly cannot go to the salon every other week even though my hair grows super fast because...
5 Practical Ways To Tuck In T-Shirt And Tops 5 practical ways to tuck in your t shirt or tops to you jeans or skirt which creates an effortless style.  #1 Full Tuck This works best with more fitted T-shirts,...
Statement Earrings That Makes Your Outfit Complete
Earrings have always been my Go To Piece of jewelry from as far as I could remember. I guess, maybe I blame that to my huge ears, Hahaha! Just kidding, but that does help things a bit. I always enjoy wearing...
Rock n Roll Vibes with Flare Jeans & Chunky Sweater
Rock n Roll Vibes with Flare Jeans & Chunky Sweater
I have to be honest here, and you might judge me for this, but I am not a big fan of the Rock n Roll music, just kidding! But honestly guys, I have always been a typical pop music, or more peppy music...
How to look stylish everyday with dresses
How To Look Stylish Everyday With Dresses
Wearing Dresses makes you easily stylish, but you cannot wear the same dress the same way everyday because that would make you feel like you have nothing else to wear in your closet.  Sharing my top...
How To Look Stylish Everyday with Jeans and Sweater
How To Look Stylish Everyday With Jeans & Sweater
When You are Busy and in a hurry in the morning, or you probably fall back to wearing Jeans and Sweater almost always because thats the easiest to wear, you suddenly find yourself that you have nothing...
Spring Colors On Your Nails
Spring Colors On Your Nails - My Top Favorites
There is something about painting your nails that is so relaxing and satisfying to me. Dont you agree? I am a bit old school in this, even though I enjoy the occasional splurge of heading over to a nail...
California Spring - Shorts, Sweater & Boots - A Story
California Spring - Sweaters, Boots & Shorts - And A Story
When we were shooting for this post, it was extremely windy and extremely cloudy. Hahaha? Welcome to the California Spring Weather which is totally unpredictable and is not at all warm. You never know...
Plaid Blazer that will add Drama in your look
Plaid Blazer That Will Add Drama To Your Look
There is something about a plaid blazer that is so much sophisticated and appealing that I cannot explain. I have been obsessed with suits all my life. Growing up as a little girl I would imagine myself...
IT Bag in town - Bottega Veneta Pouch
The IT Bag in Town - Bottega Veneta Pouch
If you know me, you know that I am not a trend person. I love them, but I usually don’t hop on the trend train till I have weighed in the pros and cons of the trend itself and see a more worth of...
Pink Blazer - Starting Spring With my Favorite Color
Chic and Easy Spring Pink Blazer Outfits to Wear
Sharing 2 easy ways to look chic and sophisticated in Pink Blazer this spring. Pink blazer has a way of looking girl and childish, but these outfits will help you elevate your pink blazer outfit....
Are Baggy Jeans The New Skinny Jeans For Women?
Who is excited with me about this! And this denim inspired me to write this post actually!
Valentine's Day Outfits When You Have Nowhere To Go
Yes My dear friends, this is actually the reality of most of us when we have a day job to man (I mean woman) and have kids to take care of (I literally have two kids, a teen and a 40 year old man, hahaha),...
Can't Find Anything To Wear? Join The 7-Day Outfit Challenge To Shop Your Closet!
Ok, now I was a bit selfish to do this. January is a month of paying back all your Christmas shopping bills and trying to return all the gifts that you didn't like. I am on the same boat with you all....
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Winter Outfits That Feel Like a Snowy Winter!
I have to say that nothing excites me more than being in a snowy winter! The crisp snow and the feeling of touching that powdery glow! Even though I does not snow in the Bay Area, a girl needs to still...
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