How I Found My Style & Confidence in my 30s

Wanted to share how I finally figured out what my style is and felt confident in wearing what I wanted. More importantly keep things you can take away from this post that will help you do the same. Just to clarify, this is no way, a rule book, its merely a perspective that I am […]

How To Apply Nail Polish Stickers & Get Gel Result

How many of you were curious about these Gel Nail Polish stickers specially when we hit this Pandemic lives and all our favorite Nail Salons shut down. I was one of them for sure. I finally bought them for my thanksgiving break where I was traveling to a beach destination. But, it just didn’t work. […]

How To Wear Dresses In Winter and Not Look Frumpy

We usually start wearing just sweater dresses in winter, but it does not have to be that way. I wanted to share some ways I like to wear all my summer dresses even in winter while staying cozy and looking stylish.  I hate packing away my summer pieces because let’s be honest, while people talk […]

RealHer Dream So Big Eyeshadow Palette Review & Try On

Something exciting came in the mail from RealHer makeup and I wanted to share my honest review as well as trying the makeup on to show you all the whether all natural makeup work or not.  It is really rare for me to change my makeup products. With my specific skin color its really difficult […]

Amazon Facial Massage Tool For Toning And Reducing Puffiness

This Amazon Face massager tool is my magic wand for toning my face and I think I finally found a replacement to my jade roller that actually works. And I had to share it with you all. When jade rollers came to market, I was the first to buy them. I always wake up with […]

8 Things I Am Doing To Start The Week Right

Happy Monday Lovelies!  I know I am bit late for this post, but well thats the great thing about Mondays, they happen to comeback to haunt us every week. Hahaha! Well, at least that is how I feel when Monday’s usually come around. I am kind of sad that the week is starting again and […]

How to Style Tulle Skirts for Daily Outfits

If you haven’t already noticed this on my blog, then this post will definitely confirm my obsession with Tulle skirts. What can I say, heavily influenced by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City, I love her sense of style where she could easily combine something feminine with something structured and masculine. This can also […]

How to Use Micellar Water in your SkinCare Routine without Cotton Pads

I have been using Micellar water for my makeup removal for more than a year now, and I have to say that this was the smartest move from the makeup removing wipes. But around the same time I also removed using cotton pads.  In this post, I will share how I am efficiently using the […]

Valentino Logo Belt Review & Complete Buying Guide

If you are looking for a new designer belt and stumbled upon the Valentino Logo Belt and you cannot decide whether you should invest in it. Or you are already eying the Valentino belt, but don’t know which size to buy, then this post is for you. I bought my Valentino belt early spring this […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Amazon under $100!

If you are a procrastinator or you have absolutely forgotten to send your friend a gift for this holidays just because you were stuck at work. Or you have a secret Santa gift idea to think of, then this post is for you. In this Amazon Gift Guide I am sharing some easy and actually […]

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