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Thanks so much for visiting Pink April Diary Blog. Pink April Diary is a Fashion blog whose mission is to help Women with a Busy lifestyle look and feel their best in what they wear and look everyday.
Summer Sleepwear That Every Women Needs!
Summer Sleepwear That Every Women Needs!
I know, I was like this too, and probably a lot of you would agree. I hated spending money on pajamas, since its just a waste of time. We only sleep in them. This was when the only idea of fun was going...
Busy Girl's Manicure At Home - Tips and Tricks
Busy Girl's Guide To Manicure At Home - Tips and Tricks
Yes, we all know what this means. I probably never have time to paint my nails. I love the thought of going to a nail salon and getting pampered every week, but let's be honest, we cannot afford that,...
All the Summer Skirts You Need Now with Castaner Espadrilles
Best Summer Skirts to Wear for Every Occasion
Time for some Summer skirts! I love wearing skirts throughout the year actually, but summer is the time when you can have some fun with them. This season is all about discovering new styles of skirts....
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Your Complete Summer Denim Essential Guide
Kick starting this week's posts with all of the Summer essentials, and what is the best topic than your denim guide. Summer is the time where you can try different outfits without having to worry about...
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How To Style a Mini Skirt
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Some Spring Activewear for Motivation
The title says it all, I will share with you all one of my favorite brand(s) yes multiple brands since we all probably shop that way. Last weekend Saanvi went out for a run in her school and I joined her....
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Style My Favorite Spring Skirt
I was waiting for Rocky Barnes collection for weeks now since I saw the promotion on Express. Though I can’t afford everything in the collection, I wish I could, I am totally in love with this Bias...
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Everyday Stylish Spring Outfits!!
Spring time always seems to be the beginning of a pretty new chapter in all our lives with fresh flowers blooming everywhere, to birds chirping. I also love changing up my looks around this time. I am...
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Graphic Tees That will Dress up your Spring Denim Outfits
Spring is like the start of fabulous clothing. As I have said before, I am from a tropical climate, so Layering is really tough for me. I do much better in Spring Summer weather where you can wear lighter...
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Best Spring Hair Accessories For Fine Hair
I love Spring weather, but I also love Summer being born in a tropical climate, it just brings so much freshness and newness overall. This spring I noticed so many new hair accessories that I had usually...
Get Ready For Coachella!
I love putting my bohemian looks for any event, and Coachella is like the mother of all Music festivals. Here are 5 outfit ideas for you for any upcoming Spring Summer festivals: I call it a classic...
New You With Your Old Closet!
Don’t we all love it when we can find something in our closet and reinvent it into something else, and come up with a new outfit! I used to be someone who would skip a garment once its worn,...
Something New. Something Old.
Hello to all you amazing people out there!I know you must be wondering what is she exactly doing and why is she doing this. So, I want to start the blog by sharing with you all what inspired me to start...
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